Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I'm recruiting a Support Worker / Human Rights Campaign Assistant

My name is Jan Sutton. I’m 45. I live in Norwich, near the University of East Anglia.

 I’m a human rights campaigner, encouraging people to value and use the Human Rights Act in the UK. I’m looking for a support worker / campaign assistant to assist me with all aspects of daily life and with my human rights work.

Hours: 36 hours per week

Pay: £16,000 per annum.

The job description is here 

I’m currently working with Equally OursAct for the Act and AmnestyUK. My work involves writing articles, using social media (I tweet as @jan_sutton), attending seminars (remotely using Skype) and the occasional TV appearance.

 The support worker will have the opportunity to develop skills by attend training events on the Human Rights Act and on campaigning (e.g SMK's training). She will also have the opportunity to take responsibility for some social media work and for developing local connections. The job is flexible so that the support worker can take on campaigning tasks that most suit her skills. 
Because I have multiple sclerosis I am severely disabled. I am a wheelchair user, I have no use of my legs, I have difficulty using my hands, and I suffer from extreme fatigue (I spend a lot of time sleeping). The job involves supporting me with all aspects of my daily life.

You don't need any particular experience to do the job, or any knowledge of MS or human rights. You do need to have an interest in life and human rights and a practical and empathic attitude (there's more info in the job description).
The job is only open to women because it involves dressing me.

My email address is - contact me if you are interested in the job.

Interested in part time work? Click here
 “I'd never done support work before, it wasn't even a job I'd considered, but Jan’s advert appealed to me so went for the job anyway. Definitely the right choice - a lot of the job is simply common sense and using a little initiative. Jan is great to work for and makes an effort to make your job easier by giving such clear and easy-to-follow instructions. I’ve  been working here for nearly 2 years” - Amber (support worker and campaigner)

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