Job description

Support Worker / Human Rights Campaign Assistant
Job Description

Employer and Manager: JAN SUTTON
Hours: 36 hours per week
Pay: £16,000 per annum.

My name is Jan Sutton. I’m 45. I live in Norwich, near the University of East Anglia.

I’m a human rights campaigner, encouraging people to value and use the Human Rights Act in the UK. My support worker will assist me with all aspects of daily life and with my human rights work. Because I have multiple sclerosis I am severely disabled. I am a wheelchair user, I have no use of my legs, I have difficulty using my hands, and I suffer from extreme fatigue (I spend a lot of time sleeping). As a result, I need support with every aspect of my life.

Currently the government wants to scrap the Human Rights Act so campaigners like me are working hard to ensure that people in the UK understand the value of the Human Rights Act so that we can ensure that we protect it. My support worker would play an important role in supporting me and my campaigning. The support worker will have the opportunity to develop skills by attending training events on the Human Rights Act and on campaigning (e.g SMK's training). She will also have the opportunity to take responsibility for social media work and for developing local connections and local campaigning. The role is flexible so the specific tasks will depend on the support worker's skills and interests.
I live alone. I enjoy meeting up with friends, and family, many of whom live away from Norwich. I like to go to the local art gallery when I can. I am influenced by Buddhism (“the purpose of life is to be happy”) and I attend Quaker meeting occasionally.
I am the employer and the person to whom the Support Worker will be responsible.

To work as part of a team providing me with support in every aspect of my daily life.

To support my human rights campaigning.

You don't need any experience of campaign work or support work, and you don't need any knowledge of MS. You do need an interest in my campaign work, a desire to get involved and an empathic attitude. (New staff always start by shadowing another support worker so you get to see what the job's like.)


I have Support Workers working with me for 14½ hours a day 7 days a week to help me with daily life.

At present shifts are 8am – 3pm and 3pm – 10.30pm.

The support worker will work 36 hours per week, taking part in a rota system which includes some weekends. Holiday pay is 5.6 weeks a year pro rata. There is no sick pay.

The job will be based at my home.

 “I'd never done support work before, it wasn't even a job I'd considered, but Jan’s advert appealed to me so went for the job anyway. Definitely the right choice - a lot of the job is simply common sense and using a little initiative. Jan is great to work for and makes an effort to make your job easier by giving such clear and easy-to-follow instructions. I’ve  been working here for nearly 2 years” - Amber (support worker)


The role is flexible so it will reflect the support worker's current skills and give her the opportunity to develop more. I expect it to involve;
  • ·       To attend training on human rights issues and campaign work (e.g. SMK's introduction to campaigning)
  • ·       To provide me with clear, comprehensive feedback from training events
  • ·       To summarise relevant documents
  • ·       To read relevant documents verbatim to dictaphone
  • ·       To maintain one of my social media accounts
  • ·       To keep in touch with relevant human rights organisations and to develop relationships with local organisations.
  • ·       To remain informed about human rights issues in the media
  • ·       To support me to attend events (I usually attend events remotely using Skype).

·       To support me with showering, dressing, and getting on and off the toilet using a hoist (training will be given).
·       Cooking meals
·       Helping with my physiotherapy exercises (training will be given).
·       Daily household maintenance (e.g. changing lightbulbs, unblocking the sink)
·       To respond appropriately to all visitors to my home.
·       To participate in regular staff supervision sessions with me
·       To participate in personal training, and staff development programmes as required.
·       To take part in a rota system, which includes some weekends

N.B. No smoking is allowed whilst at work.

PLEASE NOTE THAT BECAUSE THE JOB INVOLVES PERSONAL CARE (WASHING AND DRESSING) IT IS ONLY OPEN TO WOMEN (This post is exempt from the Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9, Paragraphs 1 - 4.)

I don't need my support worker to have any experience of support work or campaigning. I do need her to have an interest in campaigning to save the Human Rights Act, a willingness to learn and an empathic attitude.

I use a mobile hoist so I need my support workers to be fit enough to move me (50kg) in the hoist. The job also involves a lot of crouching or kneeling (putting my socks on etc.). Again support workers need to be fit enough to manage this easily.
 "The technical elements of the job - using the mobile hoist for example - are only part of role. They only take up a small part of the day, and they're really easy to pick up." - Cadi (support worker)
I need support workers to assist me in all the daily tasks of running a home. (For example, if one of my light bulbs blows it trips the fuse for the lights of the whole flat. I need my support workers to have some idea of what to do next without needing to ask me.)

I experience a lot of spasms. These are triggered by movement. Because of this I have set ways that I need to carry out actions such as dressing, moving my legs etc. in these situations my support workers need to be passive and get used to just following directions.

Contacting me
if you're interested in the post please e-mail me at for an application form. (Interview travel expenses may be paid to candidates not living in Norwich.)  There is also a part time post available, email me if you'd like more details.

Person Specification

/ Interview (A or I)
Desirable Skills and Abilities

The ability to empathise with the impact that my illness has on my well-being, and adapt behaviour to reflect this.
A / I
Good time management skills and ability to prioritise tasks appropriately
A / I
Basic domestic skills
A / I
An interest in human rights
A / I
Ability to work well as a member of a team

Ability to coherently summarise verbal and written information
An ability to fluently speak and understand both spoken and written English.
Basic understanding of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Google it?)
Physically and mentally able to carry out all tasks required[i].
Basic cooking skills (an enjoyment of cooking would be desirable)
A / I
Manual driving licence (desirable but not essential)
Basic level of computer competence
Basic level of social media competence
A / I

This post is subject to references and satisfactory DBS checks.

[i] This Specification is in order to comply with CQC guidance

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